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 ◇ Use - Sunshine covering netting
 ◇ Product name - Blackout netting
◇ Size - Special order
◇ Color - Green
◇ Use - cutted paper covering netting

Net for agriculture and fisheries(Wind covering netting)
Product name  Wind covering netting 
Size 1.8m * 100m 
Use It is using of protecting the crops, garden stuff and industrial crops which is sensitive by wind from wind. 
Install 1)Selection of net paper
-select the wide and size according to place and environment of sites.
-select the net paper to maintain the low cost and comfort work situation
-Prevent environmental pollution and equipment by prevent arsenic acid
2)Remark of net paper
-It has low weight and excellent flexibility by high strong stuff
-It is easy to handling and always maintain the suitable permeability
3)Necessity of install
-It makes comfort work situation by preventing the arsenic acid and protecting against wind
-It can protect falling disaster outside of building
-It has fine view that prevent falling.
4)way of install
-It must installed by ilet which manufactured needlework because of it is weak where strong wind
-Way of ilet needlework is following.
-Connect parts of ilet 

◇ Product name - Wind covering netting
◇ Size - 10mm, 12mm
◇ Color - White belt on a Blue ground
◇ Use - Wind covering netting

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